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Will McGrath

I'm a PhD candidate in Human Computer Interaction at Stanford University. I'm interested in exploring new ways of using electronic hardware to help computers make better sense of the physical world so that they can be more responsive and useful. So far, that has led me to work on Ubiquitous Computing / Internet of Things technologies and building better tools for Makers. I'm currently co-advised; my primary advisor is Björn Hartmann at University of California Berkeley and my co-advisor is Phil Levis at Stanford.


Will McGrath, Jeremy Warner, Mitchell Karchemsky, Andrew Head, Daniel Drew, Bjoern Hartmann - Wifröst: Bridging the Information Gap for Debugging of Networked Embedded Systems UIST '18 pdf video

Will McGrath, Daniel Drew, Jeremy Warner, Majeed Kazemitabaar, Mitchell Karchemsky, David Mellis, Bjoern Hartmann - Bifröst: Visualizing and Checking Behavior of Embedded Systems across Hardware and Software UIST '17 pdf video

Daniel Drew, Julie L. Newcomb, William McGrath, Filip Maksimovic, David Mellis, Bjoern Hartmann - The Toastboard: Ubiquitous Instrumentation and Automated Checking of Breadboarded Circuits UIST '16 pdf video

Ethan Fast, William McGrath, Pranav Rajpurkar, Michael S. Bernstein - Augur: Mining Human Behaviors from Fiction to Power Interactive Systems CHI '16 (Honorable Mention) doi

Will McGrath, Mozziyar Etemadi, Shuvo Roy, Bjoern Hartmann - fabryq: Using Phones as Gateways to Prototype Internet of Things Applications using Web Scripting EICS '15 (Best Paper) pdf

Will McGrath, Yang Li - Detecting Tapping Motion on the Side of Mobile Devices By Probabilistically Combining Hand Postures UIST '14 doi

Will McGrath, Brian Bowman, David McCallumm Juan David Hincapié Ramos, Pourang Irani, Niklas Elmqvist - Branch-Explore-Merge: Facilitating Real-Time Revision Control in Co-Located Collaborative Visual Exploration ITS '12 doi

PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University (2012-)
  • Focus on Human Computer Interaction
  • Co-advised by Bjoern Hartmann (primary) and Phil Levis
BS in Computer Engineering from Purdue University with Highest Honors (2008-2012)
  • Beering Presidential Scholarship recipient
  • Advised by Niklas Elmqvist
TA for Stanford course on Mixed and Augmented reality, CS377m Spring 2016
TA for Stanford course on Wearable Computing, CS377w Spring 2014
TA for Stanford Introduction to HCI class CS147 Winter 2013